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Digital Assessments

Lyceum Health creates digital solutions that make assessments and work-ups easier, more accessible, and more reliable over time. Our solutions are device and platform agnostic - meaning that regardless of whether health care professionals and patients are using desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, running Windows, iOS or Android, our digital assessments are able to engage users. The result is more patients getting started on or switching to the appropriate therapy.

Patient & Caregiver Support Programs

Lyceum Health's innovative support programs ensure positive outcomes for patients. Our digital PSPs contain goal-setting and reporting components and are delivered using a variety of media, including:

  • Disease state and product information
  • Self-care advice and educational materials
  • Tools to help with information exchange between
    HCP's and patients
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A platform to support call center care teams manage the patient empowerment and behavior change programs

A mobile platform to support patient self care and behavior change and adherence

A platform to support allied health professionals/educators accelerate assessments, run and document the education process

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